Chocolate Thunder’s services have been found to be especially helpful with the following common event problems:

Chocolate Thunder’s skilled team has proven methods to solve these problems; ensuring amazing festival experiences for customers and financial security for promoters and investors.


Gate Jumpers
turning “sneak-ins” to $ales

People who sneak in or jump gates to obtain access to festival property pose one of the larger problems at events. These people have no invested interest in participating in the festival. Although they may feel as entitled to the amenities as paying patrons, they end up being financial parasites.
Our team of plain-clothed safety staff are always on the lookout for people without proper festival credentials (wristbands). The solution starts when our team is assigned a certain number of wristbands from the accounting office.
When a person is found without a wristband on festival property, our staff will offer to sell them one of the wristbands from the accounting office- right there on the spot- adding to the amount of paying customers. Wristbands may also be exchanged for unripped event tickets.
Anyone who is unable to comply with either of these two options is immediately escorted off of the premises.At the end of the day, our team returns to the accounting office.  At this point, all of the finances generated from sales are returned, along with any remaining wristbands.


Illegal Drugs
always a ZERO tolerance

•Campground patrolling and vehicle checks reduce the volume of illegal drugs.
•While inspecting customers’ vehicles, controlled illegal substances (drugs) may be found.  When detected, all occupants of the vehicle will be detained, the vehicle keys are taken, and the promoter’s protocol is followed.
•When patrolling campgrounds or parking lot and a person(s) is found distributing drugs, they will be seated and detained until transport can safely move them into authoritative custody.

Say NO2 Nitrous Oxide
Vampire Gas Feeds on Energy and Finances

 For over 20 years (even more-so in the last decade) there has been a need for detecting, confronting, confiscating & hindering nitrous oxide trafficking and sales. This market has gone from one person going to a concert with a single tank of NO2 (nitrous oxide), into an organized group of nitrous sellers that have “spotters” with 2-way radios looking out for the likes of me; as well as investors to supply more tanks in case some get taken away. This has become a large cash industry “vampire” that feeds on festivals’ energy and finances.Chocolate Thunder provides a thorough & discreet removal of nitrous oxide tanks from festival property.This is done by applying a non-intrusive search from licensed vendors’ vehicles to patrons’ cars and RVs, also by patrolling concert and campgrounds for sales of nitrous in balloons.Patrons involved in nitrous distribution will have it confiscated, their wristbands removed, camp sites packed, and be escorted off the property by security or law enforcement. Promoter’s policy may alter procedure.



Unauthorized Vending
Non-Licensed Alcohol Sales

Non-licensed vendors are not permitted on festival property. The sales generated by these individuals takes money away from authorized venders and revenue from the promoters.
These  non-licensed venders may include (but are not limited to) strolling craft, alcohol, clothing, jewelry and food merchants as well as stationary venders (that may set up their wares upon a blanket or small table) who do not possess festival issued vender credentials.
Any persons involved in unauthorized vending will be stopped, have their merchandise packed up and be dealt with according to festival policy.
Non-licensed Alcohol Sales
Alcohol will only be sold by an established vender with a state issued  liquor license. Must be 21 or older to buy and drink.In many cases promoters and property owners alike request there be no glass permitted on festival site (partially because of the broken glass hazards).
Patron and vender vehicle search upon arrival helps eliminate ingress of excessive amounts of alcohol. Patrolling campgrounds in an inconspicuous manor may reveal people attempting to sell alcohol. Any persons doing so will have alcohol confiscated, possibly have their wristband removed and  escorted off the property (depending on offender’s mental capacity and festival’s policy).
CONFISCATED:Dozens of nitrous oxide tanks and cases  of glass beer & liquor bottles were taken during vehicle check at ticket booths, and confiscated in the campground during a multi-day music festival.

“…You have a very tricky and difficult job at the festival. Certainly under-appreciated because the better job you do the more visible you are… Tragedies happen, but I sleep well at night knowing that we have a team that genuinely cares and is looking out for the safety of these crazy kids that come to our party…”       –                     Dan Shaw, Promoter, Ten Thousand Lakes Music Festival



Checking IDs/Verifying Age
Liquor License Liability

When in the business of selling alcohol, the two most important things are insuring the person being served and consuming is at least 21 years old, and not over-intoxicated. More important than getting the drink orders right!
My first job in a bar (1990) was to study an ID and License handbook provided by the State’s Liquor Control Board.While working and learning bouncer/host etiquette at Nectar’s, I’d take time to memorize the fonts, colors, birthday locations & designs of each U.S. state ID as well as some Canadian provinces. Occasionally I’d study passports & military IDs.
With time, license formats changed. The introduction of holograms kept counterfeiters, bouncers, and bartenders on their toes.Needing to expand one’s knowledge with the trend of each state’s newest design.
Our staff has found it possible to identify a fake or altered ID in minutes, as well as determining if the person in front of us is the person in the ID photo. We have great pride in being able to maintain the integrity  of our employer’s liquor license.



Video Recording

While video taping doesn’t pose too heavy of a problem with the general public, there some artist and musicians that have requested that there be no videotaping of their performance by the general public.The first time a patron is found videotaping, a person from our security team will politely request that the taper stop the camera, explain why there is no videotaping, than leave them to enjoy the music.
Should the same person be found to be videotaping again, security will in the most polite manner have the taping stopped.  They will then obtain possession of the videotape, memory card or the DVDR.  No promises are made to the patron unless deemed by the artist or the promoter.



Lost Parents / Kids
Seperated Families

This is one of the most feared occurrences. Having lost a child, a description and/or photo is obtained from the parent; along with their name, the child’s last sighting, friends they may have, the clothing worn, and the location of the campsite.  Dispatch is then called to pass the information on to each radio channel.  At this point, all available staff start a sweep of the entire property (woods, water, parking area, vendors, campsites).  The medical tent is used as a meeting spot for the found child.




Costumers igniting fireworks creates a safety problem on a few levels.  Besides being illegal in several states, fireworks have been the cause of unwarranted fires in dry conditions, a disruption of the atmosphere to other patrons including campers, children and dogs, and are not always used in a manner conscience of personnel or public safety and property.
Chocolate Thunder’s safety staff has been able to detect, scout, and remove fireworks from patrons’ possession.  This occurs either at the front gate upon arrival to the event, or at night in the parking lot or campground, when the concert has ended.
Confiscated fireworks are always turned in to the administration office.



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